Composing Like Mad

So begins today a new chapter in my search for “notes”. Call me Indiana Jones with a pencil, staff paper and baton. My living is to teach music to some wonderful students in Mercer, Pennsylvania. My most important job is being a father to three daughters. My passion lies in writing music for concert bands. To me there is no better medium to write for today. I have been raised on the music of wind band writers for the last century – thus when I am asked about who influenced me I am greeted with quizzical looks as the names of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven are usually omitted.

The music of Mark Camphouse, Andrew Boysen Jr., David Gillingham, Samuel Hazo,Quincy Hilliard, Clifton Williams, W. Francis McBeth, Gustav Holst, Howard Hanson,Alfred Reed, Claude T. Smith, Robert W. Smith, Timothy Loest, Julie Giroux…the list just goes on, and on. I am sure I even omitted a few. I write band music. The process of writing gives me the chance to stay sharp as a musician and conductor. I hope to give the performer some that nutures their musical growth and that they enjoy playing. I want to give the audience a song to remember. Most of all, I hope my music gives everyone some hope, some joy, some excitement, and a lot of respect and appreciation for music.

There will be more to come in the chapters to follow.  I could not
be at this point without the support of my wife and children, Joe,
Doc, Tad, Steve, Erich, and Gary.  Thank you for your
support and interest.


Travis J. Weller

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  1. Travis,

    I am very excited to see you have your own blog! Only great thoughts and things will come of it!. I will be annoucing your site to the “world” in a post very soon. Thank you for being part of our “global conversation” about music and education. We need more people like you!

    J. Pisano

  2. Travis,

    I’m very much looking forward to reading your blog. I know it will be interesting and inspiring!


  3. Travis –

    Glad to find your blog – I’m subscribed.



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