If you get a chance, please bump over to myspace.com/travisjweller and check out several new recordings that I have posted. I am interested in gaining some feedback on the pieces.

“Journey to the Prairie” was recorded by Dr. Edwin P. Arnold and the Grove City College Wind Ensemble. The programmatic piece depicts the Westward Expansion in our country. It is written with an advanced elementary band or middle school band in mind. It offers a number of opportunities for soloists or small chamber-like groups. They also performed “Fanfare on Themes of Davenport”. The recording is from their performance at the PMEA State Conference last year.

“Beginnings of Flight” has recently been entered in a composition contest. It is dedicated to the men and women of our armed services that protect our skies, and seeks to convey the excitement a young pilot feels on the first flight. It is written with a high school band in mind. A number of pecussion parts are written, and there are a number of very exciting and dramatic parts for the entire ensemble. I am very grateful to Dr. Willis Rapp and the Kutztown University Wind Ensemble for providing this recording.

I hope to make a full version of “Pirates!” available soon. The performance is by Dr. R. Tad Greig and the Westminster College Wind Ensemble.

Thanks for your support and feedback!

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