Pirates! makes port after weeks at sea…

I am really appreciative of Drew Fennell who brought Pirates! to life with the Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Summer WInd Ensemble on Friday, July 18th.  New recordings of the entire suite can be found by clicking here.  Thanks Drew!

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  1. Hey! I haven’t been by for a while. I do enjoy reading your blog. Even when I know little or nothing about the subject matter (middle school band, for example), I find it really entertaining to read. You do have a way!…

    Anyway, it was my pleasure to bring “Pirates!” to the CMU Pre-College. The musicians really enjoyed the piece. I’m looking forward to performing the piece with the NMEA Nassau County (Long Island) Division 2 (grades 9-10) Honors Band in January. It’s gratifying to help get the word out there about this soon-to-be-famous composer named Travis Weller.


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