I can smell the funnel cake from here…

So Dr. Pisano says to me ” You’re hosting the November Blog Carnival.”
I say “Sure!”
He didn’t share with me that this carnival lacks funnel cake…very distressing.

But we are lining up a series of great posts for the November carnival.  I can almost smell the funnel cake from here…

There is plenty of room for new posts as well as bringing back some old ones that have received attention.  So far I have really enjoyed reading a number of older submissions and reflecting upon my current perspective compared to the one I had reading it the first time.  It really is amazing how this campaign has taken off, continued to evolve, and is bringing some refreshing conversation to the perspective.

If you have not submitted before, never fear as this is easier that cleaning your band office coffee pot after a two week coffee hiatus….not there was mold growing mind you, just a penicilin experiment gone awry. The process is actually very easy.  You can find the Music Education Submittal Page by clicking on the following link: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_4443.html

I am looking forward to hosting, so come one and all and step right up to the greatest show on earth!  And if you are able, I am really jonesing for some funnel cake…

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  1. Travis and all folks,

    If you blog about music and education, this is the canival for you! Don’t wait… Just do it!

    Looking forward to a great edition!

    …and my cell phones dead… that’s D-E-D! I’ll call you later tonight to go over our PMEA presentation stuff and the Finale business!

    <:) Did you see the carnival party hat on the smileyface?


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