The 5th Edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival!!!

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival! It is an honor to host the carnival this month and bring to you a number of compelling articles and thoughts. Now entrenched in midst of our school year, busy doesn’t even begint to describe our days.  The best thing that all these articles do is give us a moment to reflect on the current status of music education and they are being written by sincere educators who have a great view for our profession. This is another awesome step in the ME campaign.  If you haven’t joined the ME campaign yet, now is definitely the time.  My thanks goes to both Dr. Pisano and Joel for providing this great resource to all of us!  Through all of our efforts we have opened important dialogue in our profession.  We do not always have the time to sit down and discuss with our colleagues face to face.  But this whole campaign has provided a way for us to open the conversation to a whole new level, and give us fresh food for thought.

The post by One Family’s Blog is comparative review of Yamah Digital Pianos that attempts to guide families come to the right purchase decision.  Dan D. Smith reviews Griff Hamlin’s latest package, Playing Through The Blues – A Guide For TheLead Guitar Player. His review can be found at The Best Guitar Courses on the Internet . It is a pleasure to have Cary Stewart join us with two great submissions. Check out some practical rehearsal advice in Criteria for Superior Rehearsal Wasting and some more pedagogical thoughts in It’s the only connection they have

Mr. ReBand travels down a road unfortunately not less taken for many of us.  His own experiences in a typical situation are presented in  The Vice-Principal Talk . Rachel Rambach is doing some interesting things on her site with educational music for children.  The author presents Faster is Better , a first hand account of a new song that she has written. Arpeggio Exercises is a post by Barry Wright.  Barry offers some good tips in this concise post.

Thomas J. West has a great post that is a must for parents that are confronted with the question When you should get a private music teacher for your child?  I was in class with Thomas a few years ago at Villanova.  He is a wonderful composer in his own right, and it is exciting to hear him share from this perspective. Dr. Joseph M. Pisano points us in the right direction to find Free Printable Music Staff Paper and Sheets Online.    I am always impressed with his ability to find the best available free information on the web and make sure people know about it! Larry Ferlazzo has an informative post that profiles The Best Online Sites for Creating Music.  Larry is an English teacher in California.

Are you Teaching for Honors Choir? and more?  Be sure to check out this post by Theresa White.  As many of our students are moving into the festival season, her post has some really good points that encapsulate the experience. The Collaborative Piano Blog has a practical/seasonal post entitled 8 Ways to Improve Your Enjoyment of the Piano Through Playing Christmas Music.  As someone who has witnessed his own oldest daughter now surpass him in piano ability, I took a special interest in this post.  Finally, I would appreciate some feedback from all of you who teach middle school band as I try to turn up the heat on Middle School Band Literature in Where there’s smoke there’s fire…and hey is that my middle school band room?

Enjoy the show and the funnel cake as the Music Education Blog Carnival continues!

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  1. Hi Travis, Thanks for hosting this. I like some of the resources you have here so have added you to my site links.

    If you’re interested I have a site that deals exclusively with practice you might like to link there 🙂


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