I am pleased to announce that AWM Publishing will be releasing Marshalls of the Open Range in the summer of 2010.  The piece was written as a challenge from friend and colleague, Dennis Emert last spring.  The result was this piece, and his students at Kerr Elementary gave the debut performance.  Probably the most humorous story I have ever been a part of happened to Dennis as he was working with his students.  After telling them if my schedule permitted I would be at the debut, a little girl in the front row asked him “How is that going to work Mr. Emert?”.  “What do you mean?” he asked.  The girl replied “How will he be at the debut? Aren’t all composers dead?”  Not yet…at least not this guy.  The piece stirs up images of noble lawmen of the old west patrolling their territory and enforcing justice. I hope you all enjoy Marshalls of the Open Range – a new recording is posted over at my Myspace page!

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