I am pleased to have two new selections available from the FJH Music Company this summer.  The first is a transcription of a piece originally written for the River City Youth Brass Band in 2009.  “A Frontier Fought and A City Found” retells a small part of the story from the Seven-years War in relation to the founding of Pittsburgh, Pa. It is intended for high school band.  The second piece is a 3 movement programmatic suite entitled “Tales of Medieval Warrior”.  The piece follows the dubbing of  new knight, his courtship of a fair maiden, and his eventual conquest at a jousting tournament.  It is intended for middle school/junior high ensembles.  The first two-movements are in cut-time, though the rhythms are very basic and dance-like.  The final movement uses a variety of rhythms in 6/8 time that are well within the abilities of musicians at this age.  Thank you to the colleagues who provided feedback about these pieces along the way, and to Brian for his support and belief in this music.

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