Moravian Dance – Part 2

What an exhilirating feeling today at approximately 2:10 p.m! It was a wonderful moment that I can only compare to feelings I had as my own children were brought into this world.  The students of the PMEA District 5 Band under the direction of Jack Anderson finished a run-through on “Moravian Dance” and I could only tell them “Play well, love music, and support each other”.  Their performance – and they still have another day of rehearsal! – was precisely what I had hoped for in this song.  Jack’s interpretation, the musicians care and attention to the subtle nuances of articulations and dynamic changes, the passion, energy, and emotion that permeated the lines – I am so proud of the kids, I am indebted to Jack and all my colleagues of PMEA District 5 for their support, and am eagerly looking forward to the concert on Friday evening.  It is a rush to hear musicians breathe life into music like they did with conviction, courage, and clarity.  To be short – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo students and thank you Jack!

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  1. I send my biggest congratulations to you, Mr. Weller. I can’t wait to hear this work. I too know how it feels to hear passionate musicians play a composition that you yourself have composed. I hope everything else is going great in your life as well!

  2. Hey Carlton! Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to hearing morefrom you in the future. Keep up the good work!


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