I am pleased to announce score images and recordings of both A West Highland Fanfare and Moravian Dance are up FJH for your perusal. Both pieces enjoyed exciting debuts over the past year, and I am grateful to the many students and their sponsoring directors who were involved in both performances. A West Highland Fanfare is written with MS/JH Band in mind, and maintains a steady tempo throughout in 6/8 time. It makes use of the Scotch-Irish Folk Song Loch Lomond though it is set in a non-traditional meter. Moravian Dance was sketched out over the course of several summers, and draws its influence from the music and composers of what was the former region of Moravia in Europe. The Czeck-style dance builds in texture, intensity, and tempo as it unfolds and the piece spirals towards a spirited conclusion. There are numerous opportunities for each section to contribute, and it generates quite a pit of excitement among the players.

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