New Music for 2012-13

A new year brings new opportunities to share exciting music with your ensembles. There are plenty of good choices out there among the new literature being published, and I hope you will consider several of these works below for your ensembles.

Winds of a New Day (1.5) – An energetic concert opener suitable for an elementary band. It is listed at the Grade 1.5 level, but is certainly within reach of an Elementary Band by the end of their second semester of playing. Published by C.L. Barnhouse.

I Bought Me A Band (2) – A new take on the children’s folk song “I Bought Me A Cat”. A great way to introduce the instruments at a recruiting concert. Suitable for an elementary band or middle school group looking for a soft grade two”novelty” work to include on their program. Published by C.L. Barnhouse.

Travis J. Weller

Dream Chaser (3) – Includes two of the first melodies I ever wrote for a concert band work. Left dormant for a few years, I found myself revisiting them over the past year and thinking about their possibilities. It also occurred to me at the time, these melodies represented the beginning of my own “dream chasing”. It is energetic at the start, reflective and emotional through the middle, and buoyant and uplifting at the conclusion. I hope it is inspiring work for anyone who has dared to chase their dreams! Published by C.L. Barnhouse.

Jubilant Flourishes(3) is an exciting work available for High School Concert Band from the FJH Music Company. 6/8 Time remains one of my favorite meters in which to write, and there are some wonderful moments that just shine in this piece. It did receive a J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.

The Last Stagecoach Heist (2) is an intense and driving programmatic work available for Jr. High Concert Band. The music tells the story of Black Bart, a famous thief who made a career out of robbing a number of Wells-Fargo Stage Coaches. There are some challenging and bold lines for the lower voices in your ensemble, and many exciting peaks as the drama unfolds. It is published by FJH, and received a J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.

Thanks for taking time to consider these works as you evaluate some new literature for your ensembles, and best wishes to you in the fall with your students!

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