The Wind Band Music of Travis J. Weller

Thanks to a number of Web 2.0 integrations, I have started a Facebook page for The Wind Band Music of Travis J. Weller. It’s nice to be able to use a successful social media platform to assist with this aspect of being an advocate, composer, conductor, and educator. I plan on continue using the site here for musings about music education, new compositions, advocacy, leadership, and life in music. Facebook provides a way to get this and other helpful links available to another audience, and of course, you can follow me on Twitter as well (for let us say Travis 2.1 Lite). I have so many people at the end of the day and at the start of the next day to thank for their encouragement, guidance, and support. He doesn’t mind being #2 behind my wife, but thanks again to Dr. Joseph M. Pisano – a giant in our field I am blessed to call friend. Best wishes to all , and don’t let the bad guys win!

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