Composition List and QR Codes

Composition List and QR Codes

Dr. Joesph Pisano and I had a great chat a few weeks ago about expanding technologies that are becoming more “user friendly”. One such item that has wonderful possibilities for the performing arts are QR Codes. I was pleasantly surprised earlier today when I visited that Dr. Pisano had just published a great article on QR Codes for music educators. I had bounced the idea about a list of compositions with QR Codes. My goal was to have this list available so directors could find score images and recordings with a bit of ease.You can click click here to download the list, and I hope you find it useful.

There are several free sites that allow you to generate QR Codes. To generate some that are a bit more artistic and eye-catching (and can match up to your room decor and school colors), I would encourage you to use Dr. Pisano’s at Mustech. Something about coloring your world and connecting it to sound that makes everything better!

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  1. Great post travis, Nice use of QR codes!


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