Dream Chaser (A New Day Has Begun)

Dream Chaser is a spirited concert opener for high school band that captures the energy and emotion of those who choose to follow their dreams in any walk of life. The buoyant melodies of the opening measures later give way to a powerful and expressive section with brief solo opportunities for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and baritone. The piece concludes with both main themes returning in an exciting, flourishing, finish.

Shortly after beginning my teaching career, I recognized I needed a musical outlet for myself to keep my own musicianship fresh. I resumed writing music, something I did in my undergraduate experience for the ensembles in which I played. After sharing an untitled overture with my friend Erich, he commented that I was “living the dream”. My remark to him was that this dream of composing music for bands was going to take some work, and that I was chasing the dream. After sitting dormant for 7 years, I returned to this yet to be named work and reshaped it to reflect my journey in music and the opportunity I have each day to reach new goals. I thank you in advance for your support of Dream Chaser ( A New Day’s Begun), and I hope that it is a wonderful experience for your ensemble!

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