Never a losing season?

On my way to work today I ran into the baseball coach at my school. His son plays trombone in the bands where I teach, and he was in attendance at the spring concert last night. “How come you never have a losing season?” he asked with a smile. That is an excellent question, I thought. One of these days I might actually get it all figured out. Eternal optimist and music lover meets bureaucracy of public education – this should be an...

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It’s time to go to the fields

            What does it mean to say a school is making “adequate yearly progress”? What is the value of a standardized test that produces an aggregate score for a group of students in one school and has it compared in the local newspaper against scores from another? How does student performance on a standardized exam relate to future vocational aspirations? Are teachers really able to teach skills necessary for success in future...

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Instrumental Music Education of the Future

In considering what instrumental music education may look like in the future to the music education profession, there are a number of themes, ideas, and philosophies that must be carefully examined.  Issues related to the relevancy of music education in today’s education system come to the forefront of the discussion in the light of teaching in age where “high-stakes” testing results influence curriculum decisions and dictate policy to...

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September 2010 Music Education Blog Carnival!!!

Just in time for your labor day fun – the September edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival is here! It is very exciting to host, but it is even more exciting having nearly 100 submissions! There are so many of us now in this stream of communication and media that are making a difference by our professional development, reading, enacting new teaching strategies, and reflecting upon our craft as educators.  What a tremendous resource...

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Remember the Arts in your budget!

I hope Ed Rendell reads this.  I hope he reads and gets off whatever horse that apparently got him elected.  Saying he’s a friend of education is like saying Enron cared about its shareholders.  It’s like saying Vick was humane to dogs.  As the Keystone State Lawmakers continue to exchanger verbal volleys this week, friends of mine go unpaid and all functions of the state come to a screeching halt.  I have the solution to free up a lot...

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Would CNN have cared when Mozart passed?

So if CNN would have been around when Mozart or Liszt died, would there be the kind of scrutiny today about their personal lives? I am not going to talk about his life, or his legacy because that should probably be left to someone who knows what happened and actually followed Michael Jackson.  But the tragedy of this situation has left me with questions about the professional responsibility each of us carries forward in their work place, and...

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