New Music up at C.L. Barnhouse

I am pleased to announce that three new works are now up and available from C.L. Barnhouse. If you visit the site you can check out a score image while listening to the recording by the Washington Winds. The pieces are listed below with approximate grade level in parentheses. Please let me know your thoughts on this music, and I hope one of them can be of use to your ensembles. As always, thank you for your support! Winds of a New Day (1.5)...

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New Classics?

Quick: Name three composers of wind band literature whose music was written before 1950 that will still be revered in the year 2020? That should be a fairly easy question for any conductor who has studied scores and understands the pieces that have been at the foundation of the American Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. Name three composers who wrote music for wind ensembles or concert bands between the years of 1950 and 1980 and will still be...

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Big Leap into a Small Room

As another year is about to start, I am taking a big leap with my ensembles at Mercer into a much smaller room. Our first public performance this year will involve all instrumental students in grades 7-12 performing in a chamber recital in late September.  In past years, I have only involved the Wind Ensemble students at Mercer in the preparation of this music for the chamber recital.  The more I have involved  these students in the study and...

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“Feeling” Interpreters

This week I began researching interpretation and feeling as part of my work at Kent State.  At first glance, they seemed unrelated. However, the more I began reading perspectives of different composers and conductors, my conclusion is that great interpretation does not just recreate the composer’s intent but rather conveys feelings that the composer intended. The sources abounded including Mark Camphouse’s series Composers on Composing for...

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