Music is the Gift!

As a music educator of over twenty years and a parent of school age children, I don’t always attend a live concert where I don’t have a vested interest. If I am not thinking about how my own students might do, I am a proud father hanging on each note my own children perform. One might think someone in my position might take for granted what a wonderful gift music can be. On Friday evening, February 19, Dr. R. Tad Greig and his students at...

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BCAEC Presentation

I am looking forward to presenting at the Beaver County Arts Education Consortium tomorrow at Beaver Falls High School. I have the dubious distinction of following the honorable Dr. Joseph M. Pisano who will present during the morning session. Looking forward to some lively discussion, sharing some undiscovered hot charts, and how to get the most of some technology platforms you might already be using!

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PMEA Summer Conference 2015

I am looking forward to presenting tomorrow at the 2015 PMEA Summer Conference in Harrisburg tomorrow. The session is entitled “Even ensemble directors need P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.” (focusing on Planning, Repertoire, Assessment, Concerts, T’s of the Rehearsal, Instruction, Creativity, and Ethics and Emotion). This session includes a blend of recent research in music education, and interactive discussion of best practice and new ideas....

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An open letter about auditions…

I write tonight to a group of students who will audition for the PMEA District 5 Honor Band tomorrow night. I am proud of them as musicians and people for what they have chosen to do. >>>>><<<<< Dear Andrea, Janalyn, Lindsey, Jordyn, Sami, Abby, Kyle, Kyle, Ryan, Dakota, Andrew, and Chris, I am excited for you. Tomorrow is Honors Band Auditions, and I am excited for you. I hope you are excited to continue on this...

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The Long Road of the Dissertation

As I near completion of my dissertation and prepare for my defense, it is interesting to reflect back on where I was as an advocate, composer, conductor, and educator just five short years ago. There are certainly days when I feel no smarter than when I started my first doctoral class, and I had I read up on Donald Hodges there is no doubt it would have gone better! For better, for worse, and somewhere in between the end is almost in sight. I...

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Thanks Doc!

I write today to say thanks to Edwin P. Arnold. “Doc” will retire from Grove City College at the end of this school year after 38 years of service. There are many great educators who were mentored before me by Dr. Arnold, and there were many after me at Grove City College. We all owe him gratitude for providing us with opportunities to find out just what we could become. We all have a different story of what he did for us, and it...

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