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The beginnings of great artists (Part 2)

So the artists work is now starting to roll in – between final rehearsals for our “Fright Night” Concert and (surprise!) getting a touch with the flu, we had a couple week hiatus from our composition work.  I sat down today with a number of the students to listen to their 2nd assignment: an 8 measure duet with percussion accompaniment. Similar to the first assignment, they were given very specific...

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A great artist has to come from somewhere

First of all, apologies all around as I have been away getting the school year started, meeting some deadlines, attending to PMEA business, and just got done hosting our 14th Annual Band Show at Mercer.  Throw in 5 credits at Kent this semester, and my free time is nigh non-existent. So three weeks into school, I have been challenging my middle school band students with a little project that is outlined by...

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