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OMEA 2019

I am enjoying a few days in Cleveland, Ohio for the Ohio Music Educators Professional Development Conference. It is wonderful to reconnect with many of the great music educators I got to know in Eastern Ohio while teaching in Western Pennsylvania during the first 22 years of my career. It is equally fulfilling talking with new faces about opportunities within our graduate and undergraduate music program at...

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Figuring It Out One Note at a Time

Where did all this music come from? My role as a composer has become an integral component of my philosophy and my daily walk as a music educator.  Since my time as an undergraduate student I have always held an interest in arranging and composition for instrumental ensembles, but after taking my first teaching position I found my duties did not allow me to devote the proper time to this art. I found myself...

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Composing Like Mad

So begins today a new chapter in my search for “notes”. Call me Indiana Jones with a pencil, staff paper and baton. My living is to teach music to some wonderful students in Mercer, Pennsylvania. My most important job is being a father to three daughters. My passion lies in writing music for concert bands. To me there is no better medium to write for today. I have been raised on the music of...

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