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Updated Composition List (QR Codes)

Best wishes to directors everywhere who are about to start up their school year. I hope those with marching bands had a successful camp. For the benefit of a busy director who would just like to listen to a score with out too much effort, I have created a list of my works for concert band at all levels with QR Codes. Scan the code and it will take you right to a recording of the work. Thanks again for your...

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New recordings!

I am pleased to announce that new recordings have been added to the composition page. Coming in the summer of 2012 from the FJH Music Company, Jubilant Flourishes will be available for High School Concert Band and The Last Stagecoach Heist will be available for Jr. High Concert Band. I am also pleased to announce the following pieces will be available from C.L. Barnhouse: Dream Chaser (A New Day Has Begun) for...

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Marshalls of the Open Range

I am pleased to announce that AWM Publishing will be releasing Marshalls of the Open Range in the summer of 2010.  The piece was written as a challenge from friend and colleague, Dennis Emert last spring.  The result was this piece, and his students at Kerr Elementary gave the debut performance.  Probably the most humorous story I have ever been a part of happened to Dennis as he was working with his...

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New Year, New Search, Same Old Indiana

Nope sorry. No Dr. Jones here. Even a little far yet from being Dr. Weller.  But my search is beginning to intensify, and I am starting to see some light in an area of instrumental music that I am deeply concerned about.  I promise there will be no fire at the high school or the middle school, but I do expect to turn up the heat…it is January in the Northeast, after all. This post has been brewing...

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