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New music for 2014!

To my friends in instrumental music education, I hope the end of your school year is going well. When you begin planning for your ensembles next year, I hope that you will consider the following two works during your evaluation process. It is tough to balance the musical developmental needs of your students against the available repertoire. There are plenty of great choices available (from many people I call...

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PMEA 2014 – Concerts That Connect!

Thank you to those that attended my session at PMEA 2014 “Concerts That Connect!” It was great to see many friends and colleagues in the session, a number of music education majors, and others from across the Keystone. My apologies that I ran short of papers, but you may click here to get a copy of the handout. At the suggestion of a colleague, I am going to publish a repertoire list in the coming...

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Central York Epilogue and 2014 PMEA State Conference

It was a wonderful two days with the Central York Bands. Jim Martini, Rick Worley, and John Moyer were gracious and fantastic hosts. Their students were wonderful and he concert last Tuesday was awesome! I was proud to share that stage with those great students, and special thanks to the CYSH Symphonic Band for giving “Shine!” new life on the stage. You can check out the new recording of...

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Music Battleship!

To everybody who participated in the Mused Chat on Twitter on April 23, 2012, you can download the musical battleship grid by clicking this ridiculously long link.. Enjoy colleagues!

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Interdisciplinary Unit and RCampus

So thanks to Dr. Jay Dorfman’s (while he was still at Kent)class this past summer, I created an interdisciplinary unit on the Trail of Tears to enrich my ensemble’s studying of two pieces of music, “The Trail of Tears” by James Barnes and “Etowah” by Brian Balmages.  For those of you unfamiliar with the piece by Barnes, I highly recommend it.  It is not incredibly difficult...

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