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In a Summer Daze

When was July 4th? Same time as last year? When did that happen? I guess I am in a “summer daze”… To all my band director friends and colleagues, I hope you are enjoying a great summer – time to refresh and refocus. Before long many of us (including yours truly) will be back into marching band camps and rehearsals. Just around the next corner a new year begins and our concert bands...

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American Visions and Irish Jig for Young Feet on Youtube!

A great find tonight on Youtube.   I was fortunate enough to have Irish Jig for Young Feet performed at the 63rd Annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Decmeber by the Vandercook College Symphonic Band.  My thanks to Dr. Charles Menghini and Stacey Larson for programming this piece.  Stacey did a great job with the band, and it was a pleasure meeting her.  You can view the performance by clicking...

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Performance News!

It was awesome getting a call from Corky Whitacre the other day – the Naples Concert Band will be performing American Visions on their November concert.  I also received notice that Irish Jig For Young Feet will be performed at the Midwest Clinic this December.  The performace at Midwest will be given by the VanderCook College of Music Symphonic Band.  My thanks to both Dr. Charles T. Menghini and...

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A Journey, some Pirates, a Jig, and a “Frontier…”

On the horizon – Pirates! (a 2009 J.W.Pepper’s Editor’s Choice) and Irish Jig for Young Feet will be available this summer from FJH Music.  Irish Jig for Young Feet is a delightful little 6/8 jig with some call and response between the percussionists and the winds players (and their feet!).  My thanks goes out to Tad Greig who was the first colleague to really give this suite (Pirates!) a...

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