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Figuring It Out One Note at a Time

Where did all this music come from? My role as a composer has become an integral component of my philosophy and my daily walk as a music educator.  Since my time as an undergraduate student I have always held an interest in arranging and composition for instrumental ensembles, but after taking my first teaching position I found my duties did not allow me to devote the proper time to this art. I found myself...

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I’ll never be smarter…

Since May of 2011 I have been preparing for the last week of my life, and I still did not feel ready. With all course work complete at Kent State University, the next major hurdle in front of me towards a doctoral degree in music education were candidacy exams. On Wednesday & Thursday (10/26 & 27) I wrote for a combined total of 12 hours answering questions related to music education, music and special...

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The Wind Band Music of Travis J. Weller


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