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A Band for All Seasons

I have been way too busy.  It feels like a month since my last post, and then I realized it has been a month since my last post.  Arrrgh…. But now I find myself past the half way point of my summer session at Kent (a little sad about Dr. Dorfman leaving, but he will do great things at BU), and balancing my course load with a series of summer rehearsals with the marching band.  My hour plus drive during...

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From Student to Teacher

Today marked the second day without a student teacher for the first time since Mid-January. Over the past eight weeks, I had the pleasure of working with Nick Samson (from YSU), and in a couple of weeks Krista Schmidt (from GCC) will join me. I enjoy the opportunity to have student teachers come in to the program, and watch them make that final transition, from student to teacher… I have very basic...

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