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The beginnings of great artists (Part 2)

So the artists work is now starting to roll in – between final rehearsals for our “Fright Night” Concert and (surprise!) getting a touch with the flu, we had a couple week hiatus from our composition work.  I sat down today with a number of the students to listen to their 2nd assignment: an 8 measure duet with percussion accompaniment. Similar to the first assignment, they were given very specific...

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Don’t call 911 yet, THE FIRE STILL BURNS…

The pieces have been saved from our band rooms, but there are plenty of you out there who didn’t realize MY BAND ROOM IS ON FIRE! There is still time to make a save, as the fire is still burning. Join in on the conversation and save a piece of music (just no more than seven). As you can tell by the list below, a lot of friends and colleagues made some tough (but great) choices in an effort to preserve our...

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The Wind Band Music of Travis J. Weller


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