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What makes an effective music educator?

To say I have been buried and been behind – including postings on the blog – this fall is like saying “Sales for Chrysler have been a little down lately”.  There have been a lot of busy things happening, a lot of demanding things happening, and some good things happening in there too.  Parts of my studies at Kent State this fall have included a Seminar in Music Education Class that has given me plenty...

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Did NO ONE "listen" to the Grammy’s?

I need to keep evolving.  That means staying current, and that means staying up with what these youngsters are listening to.  So it requires some time on my part and sometimes painfully enduring the contrived chord progressions and hollow lyrics of any number of artists that students feel compelled to ask me to listen to.  So I decided I would be proactive and make the commitment on my time – so I...

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