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Journey has arrived!

Thank you friends and colleagues for your patience and support over the last four years. It has been a long process to be sure, but I am pleased to announce that Journey to the Prairie is now available from Manhattan Beach Music. It may be ordered direct from MBM or you can order from JW Pepper as well. Journey to the Prairie was written in one night – I couldn’t turn off the sounds. As Quincy says...

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New music from FJH

I am pleased to have two new selections available from the FJH Music Company this summer.  The first is a transcription of a piece originally written for the River City Youth Brass Band in 2009.  “A Frontier Fought and A City Found” retells a small part of the story from the Seven-years War in relation to the founding of Pittsburgh, Pa. It is intended for high school band.  The second piece is...

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Marshalls of the Open Range

I am pleased to announce that AWM Publishing will be releasing Marshalls of the Open Range in the summer of 2010.  The piece was written as a challenge from friend and colleague, Dennis Emert last spring.  The result was this piece, and his students at Kerr Elementary gave the debut performance.  Probably the most humorous story I have ever been a part of happened to Dennis as he was working with his...

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New Recordings at FJH!

If you have a minute (or 7 if you are going to listen to Pirates!), bump on over to FJH and check the new recordings of Pirates! and Irish Jig For Young Feet.  Both songs are recorded by the Washington Winds, and you have the option of taking a look at the score page by page as you...

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