I am pleased to announce that three new works are now up and available from C.L. Barnhouse. If you visit the site you can check out a score image while listening to the recording by the Washington Winds. The pieces are listed below with approximate grade level in parentheses. Please let me know your thoughts on this music, and I hope one of them can be of use to your ensembles. As always, thank you for your support!

Winds of a New Day (1.5) – An energetic concert opener suitable for an elementary band.

I Bought Me A Band (2) – A new take on the children’s folk song “I Bought Me A Cat”. A great way to introduce the instruments at a recruiting concert. Suitable for an elementary band looking for a soft grade two to include on their program.

Dream Chaser (3) – Includes two of the first melodies I ever wrote for a concert band work. Left dormant for a few years, I found myself revisiting them over the past year and thinking about their possibilities. It also occurred to me at the time, these melodies represented the beginning of my own “dream chasing”. It is energetic at the start, reflective and emotional through the middle, and buoyant and uplifting at the conclusion. I hope it is inspiring work for anyone who has dared to chase their dreams!

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