Featured Music at CMU Pre-College Summer Camp

I am pretty excited to be included on the CMU Pre-College Summer Wind Ensemble program on Saturday, July 21, 2012. The Wind Ensemble is once again under the direction of a great colleague and conductor, Mr. Drew Fennell. I had the pleasure of catching up with Drew a few weeks ago – a long overdue visit for both of us, but a great visit nonetheless.

Drew previously programmed Shine! with the group in 2009, and I am pleased for him to give the debut of Jubilant Flourishes this summer. He is also including Romance for Winds, and The Last Stagecoach Heist. I really appreciate Drew’s musicality and interpretation with concert bands and wind ensembles. He handled the debut of Pirates! several years ago with a New York Honor Band, and the results were so good I told him since he takes such good care of my works I would trust him with my own daughters.

I am looking forward to attending rehearsal on Wednesday, July 18th and work with the ensemble. There are always new insights to share after a piece has come to life, and I am eager to get their reaction and impression. The public concert will take place at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 21st. If you are in the area, I would encourage you to join the CMU Pre-College Students and Drew for a great afternoon of music!

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  1. All three are going very well. We are valiantly doing battle with the rhythms in “Flourishes,” but we will git r done. Romance is very pretty; I am enjoying it very much. And “Stagecoach” is just a powerhouse.. It is hard to hold back the reins. The musicians clearly enjoy your music. Kudos.

  2. Great to hear Drew! Very much looking forward to rehearsal on Wednesday!

  3. Word it… Jubilant Flourishes is your most recent BIG hit! Congratulations Travis!


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